JUPITERIUM Debut ‘1984’ Lyric Video

Perhaps Iran is a country you mostly know for oil, Persian cats and carpets and recently, nuclear arguments. But don’t be surprised to find out that heavy metal is alive in Iran and there are lots of active bands, one of them being JUPITERIUM. This is a new sci-fi melodic metal project formed by Mohsen ‘Stargazer’ Fayazi and Ehsan Imani.
Today, JUPITERIUM has launched a new lyric video for the song ‘1984’ which features Mark Jansen (EPICA), Niklas Stålvind (WOLF, THE DOOMSDAY KINGDOM) and Niclas Etelävuori (ex AMORPHIS, KYYRIA). The video can be seen below:

WOLF‘s frontman Niklas Stålvind commented: “The song has something to tell us, and I felt I really connected with it as soon as I heard it. Sadly, the lyrics are very valid these days. But hey, if you don’t care about the deeper meaning, you can still enjoy the music and BANG YOUR HEAD to it!

I hope that as many people as possible help out in spreading the song and support the guys behind it. Your support will mean more than you think. I feel honoured to have a chance to help out with vocals for this song. Respect!”

Jupiterium must be one of the most unexpected projects I have ever worked” stated Niclas Etelävuori who left AMORPHIS recently after 17 years of success and who has also worked with MOONSPELL during his career. “It’s the first metal band I ever heard of coming from Iran and  their song 1984 totally kicks ass! It is  proof that metal is global and can come from anywhere and even if you have to struggle to practice your art, if it’s in your heart everything is possible. Jupiterium is probably the most positive news I have heard from the Middle East in my lifetime. Keep it up & turn it up!

EPICA mastermind, Mark Jansen expressed: “A song with a great drive and catchy melodies. I’m sure many people will enjoy this track!”

Mohsen who is also a metal music journalist and Chief Editor of Metal Shock Finland stated the following on the JUPITERIUM‘s current work: “1984 was actually the first song that Ehsan and I wrote and it was about a year ago. At the beginning, we were not serious about forming a band and we just wanted to create a couple of songs. But later when we received positive reactions from our friends, we changed the plan. We have a few songs ready and completed and we are working on more, so hopefully we will have a full studio album to release the next year.


In 21st century I believe we will survive together or we all will fall. The age of local issues are done, it’s global issues now and it’s getting worse and worse. That’s why our lyrics are very dark and the music is heavy.
Ehsan Imani
Mohsen “Stargazer” Fayazi

ACCEPT: “The Rise Of Chaos” Out Now!


Following such a stunning and successful performance at Wacken Open Air 2017, “The Night To Remember”, heavy metal pioneers ACCEPT have unleashed “The Rise Of Chaos” today! The band’s 4th studio release through Nuclear Blast continues the tradition of its three predecessors – “Blood Of The Nations”, “Stalingrad”, and “Blind Rage – with grandeur and precision.

“The Rise Of Chaos” is available in the following formats:
BOX (DIGI, 2LP PIC, slipmat, poster, photo card)
2LP 180g (black) in gatefold

2LP 180g (red) in gatefold
2LP (orange+red splatter)
2LP 180g (NB anniversary green) in gatefold
2LP Gold vinyl (framed)
Silver Mirror Board BOX

Get your copy here: http://nblast.de/AcceptRiseOfChaosNB
Get the digital version here: http://nblast.de/AcceptDigital

Blackdiamond’s Metal Mayhem 4th Anniversary Celebration

Blackdiamond’s Metal Mayhem show is celebrating its 4th birthday on http://www.totalrock.com!

On Tuesday 6th December from 6PM GMT, special guests Mike Sabatini from ATTACKER and Wolf Hoffmann from ACCEPT will be letting fans know all their news and choosing some favourite tracks to be played. Check out the show trailers below and tune in for a very metal anniversary show!


HEAVY METAL TRUANTS: Ready For ‘Revenge Of The Fifth’!


The team of charity bike riding fundraisers, the HEAVY METAL TRUANTS are set for their fifth year cycling from London to Download Festival, aptly naming this years event the ‘Revenge Of The Fifth’.

The Truants will depart London’s Alexandra Palace on June 7th and arrive at Download Festival at midday on June 9th. The ride will be split over three days, giving the riders chance to rest their legs for a while on the 161 mile trip.

Let’s take a look at the three valuable children’s charities who will benefit from this fundraising:

NORDOFF ROBBINS is the largest independent music therapy charity in the UK, dedicated to changing the lives of vulnerable and isolated people. More information can be found on the official website here.

The TEENAGE CANCER TRUST supports young people diagnosed with cancer, so they don’t have to face it alone. More information can be found on the official website here.

CHILDLINE helps young people under the age of 19 in the UK, with any issue they are going through. They provide support via phone, email or one to one counselling. More information can be found on the official website here.

The group have raised £334,000 so far and have a goal of £666,000.

For more information, visit the Heavy Metal Truants at this location.

Heavy Metal Truants Logo


WOLF HOFFMANN Released New Video For ‘Night On Bald Mountain’


ACCEPT‘s guitar powerhouse, WOLF HOFFMANN, released his second solo album on Friday 1st July through Nuclear Blast, entitled”Headbangers Symphony”, completely dedicated to the grand classic maestros. Check it out below:

Wolf commented on the video:
Some ideas devised in a split second can work like a charm, and originally it was like – there’s no way you can do that… but I thought WHY NOT?! We had so much fun and it was party time from the first second onwards! I hope that the fans get it: a very hot summer night with friends and music and going a bit over the top… I wish you all could have been there!”

Order “Headbangers Symphony” now: http://nblast.de/WolfHoffmannSymphony
Get the digital version here: http://nblast.de/WolfHoffmannDownloads

“Headbangers Symphony” – Track Listing:

01. Scherzo (L. v. Beethoven)
02. Night On Bald Mountain (M. Mussorgsky)
03. Je Crois Entendre Encore (G. Bizet)
04. Double Cello Concerto in G Minor (A. Vivaldi)
05. Adagio (T. Albinoni)
06. Symphony No. 40 (W. A. Mozart )
07. Swan Lake (P. Tchaikovsky)
08. Madame Butterfly (G. Puccini)
09. Pathétique (L. v. Beethoven)
10. Meditation (J. Massenet)
11. Air On The G String (J. S. Bach)

“Headbangers Symphony” can be ordered here.

More info:

OUT OF NOWHERE Launched New Video For New Single ‘Earworm’

Iranian metal duo OUT OF NOWHERE have recently launched a new video for their single ‘Earworm’, featuring Iranian composer and producer Ehsan Imani as guest guitarist. The song was recorded in their home studio and mixed and mastered by Ehsan.

Vocalist Amin Yahyazadeh stated: “We are glad to release this single after 2 years of silence since our first album. As our fans will recognise, our style is a little bit different. We used some djent elements and we are going to even go further, using some elements from jazz and modern music in our future work.

When I first heard their debut album, I was immediately amazed by the band’s creativity and talent. Amin is a great singer, he takes his career in music totally seriously, and is very confident and professional in recording sessions. Every recording engineer would love to work with him. Also his songwriting skills are continuously improving, and he always has some fresh and catchy songs up his sleeve, creating exciting times when we meet.” commented Ehsan Imani.

You can watch this video below:

Personnel for this single are:
Amin Yahyazadeh : Vocals
Daniel Momeni : Bass
Ehsan Imani : Guest guitar


Out of Nowhere

Iranian Rockers Denied Publishing Video Tribute

Today, May 17th is the 40th anniversary of the release of the timeless masterpiece, “Rising”, by iconic heavy rock band RAINBOW. The album was the second studio album of the band, featuring legends Ritchie Blackmore (Guitar), Ronnie James Dio (Vocals), Cozy Powell (Drums), Jimmy Bain (Bass) and Tony Carey (Keyboards, orchestron), released in 1976.

To pay tribute to this very special event, five Iranian rockers joined forces with Iranian rock and metal music journalist and producer, Mohsen “Stargazer” Fayazi, to cover the brilliant ‘Stargazer’ song, which is indeed like a shiny jewel in the rock music world. After spending about four months practicing, recording, mixing and mastering in their tiny home studios, they made a video from their time together working on this effort. They planned to publish the video online today on YouTube, but unfortunately it was not that simple.

From the very beginning, our goal was to show respect and love to everyone who was a part of that magical record,” commented Mohsen. So to share their passion, he sent an email to Ritchie Blackmore‘s agent to check that it was ok to publish this video online. “It was not as simple as I thought. I really had no clue that the copyright of the first two albums by Rainbow does not belong to them anymore,” Mohsen said. He continues “I had to discuss and explain our situation for a few publishing companies and every time a new company approached me, I had to explain it from the beginning.
I think they were a little bit confused, which I don’t blame them for, I am sure it was their first time to receive an email from someone in Iran asking for permission like this. I should mention they were all nice, kind and helpful during the discussion. But after about many emails back and forth, I received the news that the right holders rejected our request, but may consider it if we paid a license fee, though still no guarantee. There is no chance for us to pay any fee as earning money from this was never our plan, we were not selling a recording. Also, due to sanctions, no foreign banks currently work with Iran, so transferring money is impossible. I was really shocked at the way this turned out, all we wanted was to share our excitement, passion and love for this song with rest of the rest of the world. It is a shame we could not do that, though I still feel that they did not fully understood our situation here in Iran.”

Art is valuable and good music is priceless and that’s why we spent lots of time and energy on this effort. We decided to not publish the video in the end as we really don’t want to be disrespectful. We had lots of great times working on this project and we celebrated this event with a huge amount of love and passion. We really appreciate what those guys did in 1976 and we truly and deeply miss Ronnie, Cozy and Jimmy, they will never be forgotten. We also would like to send congratulations to Mr Ritchie Blackmore for all great things he has done for the music world!
I also would like to thank all the members of this project for their awesome work and passion, you all did an amazing job!

R.I.P. Ronnie James Dio, Cozy Powell, Jimmy Bain and Long Live Ritchie Blackmore!”

The personnel who were part of this project are:

Hadi Kiani – (Vocals and sound recording)
Ehsan Imani – (Guitar, sound  recording, mixing and mastering, video editor)
Morteza Hosseini – (Guitar, sound recording)
Hamid Alizadeh – (Guitar)
Mohammad Nik – (Bass)
Mohsen Fayazi – (Producer, video editor and director)

Iranian Rockers Rainbow Rising 40th Anniversary

Steve Brockmann: Set To Release New Album “3”


The time is drawing nearer to when German rock and metal musician and composer, Steve Brockmann will release his third solo studio album. The album entitled “3” is set to be released independently on April 2nd 2016. The instrumental rock album can be ordered here.

Back in February, Steve premiered the song ‘A Time To Stand’ on Bravewords.com which can be heard below:

Steve Brockmann’s “3” album track listing as follows:

Steve Brockmann 3 cover1. Pools Under Ganymede
2. Breaking The Ice
4. Duncan’s Song
5. Field Of Fire
6. Icarus Descending
7. Cave
8. A Time To Stand
9. Explorers
10. Hope And Sadness
11. The Inner Reaches
12. Missing




Ehsan Imani Reveals New Guitar; Demonstration Video Available

Iranian metal musician and songwriter Ehsan Imani, has been endorsed by Polish guitar manufacturers, Mayones Guitars, standing alongside some well known names such as Paweł Mąciwoda (SCORPIONS), Greg Mackintosh (PARADISE LOST), Anders Blakkheim Nyström (KATATONIA, BLOODBATH) and Misha Mansoor (PERIPHERY), who can be seen on the Mayones Guitars official website. You can see a photo of this guitar below and you can watch a demonstration of Ehsan playing his new monster on the YouTube player.

Simply incredible! Anything you want to play with this guitar it will blow your mind,” commented Ehsan on his new electric guitar. “Amazing sound all around! With high quality material and the great elegance with which this guitar’s been made, makes it an absolute unique kind of monster. Thanks to Mayones for providing me with this true work of art!

Mayones Guitars’ Michael Gabryelczyk stated: “We have co-operated with Ehsan Imani for some years now and his musicality and skills are really impressive, what you can see in his play through on our YouTube channel for example. We speak through emails quite often and he seems to be a very nice guy.
We did not have too much experience earlier with musicians from that part of the world, as there was not much information on the internet about the metal scene in Iran. Now we know Ehsan and another Iranian guitarist.As you may know they were the 2 finalists of our Guitar solo contest hosted, together with Seymour Duncan.”

Ehsan-Imani Mayones-Guitar


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