RAGER BLAZE Inks A Deal With Stargazer Consultancy

01Stargazer Consultancy is excited to announce a management contract with Iranian multi-talented artist Ehsan Imani and his great project RAGER BLAZE. Ehsan is a musician, producer, composer, photographer and multi-instrument player, who graduated with a “Professional Singer-Songwriter” qualification from the Berklee Online University.

Mohsen Fayyazi, CEO of Stargazer Consultancy  has commented:

Ehsan Imani is the absolute pride of all Iranian rock and metal lovers. He knows music, recording, mixing, mastering and all their tricks very well. It’s my honour to serve him as a manager and I saw all lightness in the future of this talented man!

Ehsan Imani has stated the following:

I’m really glad about this contract. Today in this industry, its really hard to find someone who really knows what’s he doing, so bands feel lots of pressure doing all the marketing-related jobs on their own. But Stargazer took that pressure away from me, and there’s no one here who can do this job better than him.

RAGER BLAZE debut self-titled full studio album was released on digital format worldwide and CD only in Iran, on 1st January 2014. The album fronts modern rock and metal music from Iran and Ehsan had no limits in writing his great music. A trailer of this album has been posted on the RAGER BLAZE YouTube channel and can be seen below:



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