None of us can resolve all of our problems alone, we need to get help from experts sometimes.The music industry is like a gigantic web which is changing all the time and at times it seems confusing or complicated. Stargazer, a UK based company, has been set up to be a useful guidance in the rock and metal music industry, because we do not like you to feel alone or confused!

Stargazer can help you to take to the next step in your musical career when you feel like you have got great songs. Also, Stargazer can offer you a hand when you discover that there are areas of the industry you may not fully understand, or have contacts in. You can easily have Stargazer in your team to help you learn how to achieve success!

Stargazer Consultancy is tailored to you, and your situation, whatever you are doing in this industry. We have connections with most of the active companies (for example; major and independent record labels, management, festivals, magazines, webzines, promoters,stores…etc).