Steve Brockmann: New Promotional Photos Released

German rock musician and composer Steve Brockmann, who recently signed with Stargazer Consultancy, presents an impressive new set of promotional photos which can be seen below.

Steve is set to release his forthcoming solo album, entitled “3”on April 2nd 2016. The album, which is on independent release, will be Steve‘s third.

The photography is by Bjoern Martensen and his official website can be found at this location.

Steve Brockmann: Reveals “3” Cover Art And Track List

Steve BrockmannGerman rock musician and composer Steve Brockmann will release his upcoming solo album on April 2nd 2016 independently. This will be Steve‘s third solo album, entitled “3”,  a peaceful and beautiful instrumental one, explained as follows: “This album is dealing to a large degree with memories, saying goodbye, and letting go … maybe that’s the reason why so many of the songs fade out in the end.

Steve has recently revealed the cover artwork and track listing of his “3” album, which can be seen below.

This album was not planned at all,” commented Steve about the making of this album, “I had been working on two other albums – the southern rock ’n’ roll project Granny Smokes and the heavy metal project Vision of Choice – when the circumstances of certain events intervened and affected my life, altering my plans. First, sadly, my mother passed away in September 2014, and in the ensuing months I simply did not have the power nor the motivation to continue working on any of my music projects … although I did eventually record two little instrumental pieces to come to terms with her leaving and express my feelings of loss: “Hope and Sadness” & “The Inner Reaches”.
Then came the injuries to my hands in the first half of 2015: I hurt my right trigger finger in January and my left little finger in May, which ultimately meant not playing any music at all (or rather playing in a very restricted manner with considerable pain) for 6 months!
By June I could play the piano and guitar again without any pain which gave me a much needed resurgence of energy as my musical ideas and creativity seemed to overflow; in a very short time I finished some new tracks which I uploaded to Reverbnation and YouTube.
Again, I had never planned any of these recordings as material for a new instrumental album … but as September rolled around, I couldn’t help but notice how many new songs I had already recorded … and so I decided to do a few more in the same vein and indeed make an album out of them!
Since this album is the direct successor to Don’t Sing! and Expected Errors it is simply called 3 – I chose to make the original working title, “Pools Under Ganymede”, the title of the first track.

Steve Brockmann 3 cover

Steve Brockmann’s “3” album track listing as follows:

1. Pools Under Ganymede
2. Breaking The Ice
4. Duncan’s Song
5. Field Of Fire
6. Icarus Descending
7. Cave
8. A Time To Stand
9. Explorers
10. Hope And Sadness
11. The Inner Reaches
12. Missing

Two video clips for the tracks ‘Cave’ and ‘Duncan’s Song’ can be seen below:


Steve Brockmann Signed A Deal With Stargazer Consultancy

Stargazer Consultancy is delighted to announce the signing of German composer and musician Steve Brockmann.

Steve Brockmann 3Steve joins our artist roster having already released three albums, the last in 2012 being a stunning rock opera with George Andrade, “Airs – A Rock Opera”.

Steve commented: “Stargazer is doing a great job, I am looking forward to the future, it’s wide open and looking good!

Steve Brockmann is preparing to release his next album and more details will be revealed soon.

Promotional Clip

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Iranian Rockers Pay Tribute To ALLEN – LANDE


Four Iranian rockers joined together to pay tribute to Russell Allen and Jorn Lande and their project ALLEN – LANDE by covering the track ‘Come Alive’ from “The Battle” album. Hadi Kiani (Vocals), Shahrooz Goodarzi (Vocals), Mohammad Nick (Bass) and Ehsan Imani (Guitars/Mixing & Mastering/Video Editing) played their role in this tribute. Watch their performance on the YouTube player below:


“The Battle” was the first studio album by the band project ALLEN – LANDE, a collaboration between two acclaimed heavy metal vocalists, Russell Allen (Symphony X) and Jørn Lande (Masterplan), which was released on 19 September 2005.

Stargazer Consultancy Announces Partnership With Blackdiamond’s Metal Mayhem

Stargazer Consultancy is proud to announce a partnership with Blackdiamond’s Metal Mayhem.

Alison Booth joins Stargazer Consultancy with five years experience in the music industry, starting in 2011 by initially joining Metal Shock Finland as an Author,  then progressing to becoming Senior Manager and also Utilifests Project Manager; arranging partnerships with rock and metal festivals worldwide. Festivals supported include Wildfire, Metal Crowd, Brutal Assault and Devilstone.

In 2012 she joined the long running excellent English radio station TotalRock, presenting a weekly two hour show, Blackdiamond’s Metal Mayhem amongst a team of stellar DJ’s. Featuring bands worldwide, many guest artists have appeared for a chat on the show including Michael Schenker, Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth (OVERKILL), Andi Deris (HELLOWEEN), Nigel Glockler (SAXON) and Glenn Hughes. As well as big named bands, Alison also supports new bands and frequently features their material on the show.

We are excited to present our services to the rock and metal community as partners and look forward to taking our partnership forward.


AZOOMA: Enter Studio To Record New Album

azooma-2015 After releasing their successful debut EP, “A Hymn Of The Vicious Monster”, Iranian death metal act AZOOMA have recently entered the Studio to start recording their first full length studio album which will be released this year via Xtreem Music. The recording will take place in Mashhad at ‘Azooma Studio’ under the supervision of the band’s drummer Saeed Shariat. Saeed commented: ” We are excited indeed to bring some new material to our fans. Our upcoming album will have more horror, a more complicated story and more blood. This is something different and we assure you that this one will blow your mind, it’s something you haven’t heard before.” Also the band has recently signed a management contract with Mohsen Fayazi and Stargazer Consultancy. Mohsen commented on AZOOMA‘s forthcoming album: “I am glad that these guys found their way on the death metal path of glory. By listening to the demos of Azooma’s upcoming album, I can say they found their signature style in this genre of music.” Check out what the band had to say to their fans from the studio on the YouTube clip below:

AZOOMA Inked A Management Contract With Stargazer

Iranian death metallers AZOOMA have recently signed a management contract with Stargazer Consultancy. azooma

Ehsan Imani To Be Featured On BLACKDIAMOND’S METAL MAYHEM Special Show

Iranian multi-talented musician, composer and sound engineer, Ehsan Imani will be on the next Blackdiamond’s Metal Mayhem special show, to speak about RAGER BLAZE, his upcoming plans and much more. The show will stream online on one of best British rock radio stations, TotalRock and it will take place on 3rd February at 10 AM (GMT).

More information about this show can be found at the official Blackdiamond’s Metal Mayhem page.


RAGER BLAZE Inks A Deal With Stargazer Consultancy

01Stargazer Consultancy is excited to announce a management contract with Iranian multi-talented artist Ehsan Imani and his great project RAGER BLAZE. Ehsan is a musician, producer, composer, photographer and multi-instrument player, who graduated with a “Professional Singer-Songwriter” qualification from the Berklee Online University.

Mohsen Fayyazi, CEO of Stargazer Consultancy  has commented:

Ehsan Imani is the absolute pride of all Iranian rock and metal lovers. He knows music, recording, mixing, mastering and all their tricks very well. It’s my honour to serve him as a manager and I saw all lightness in the future of this talented man!

Ehsan Imani has stated the following:

I’m really glad about this contract. Today in this industry, its really hard to find someone who really knows what’s he doing, so bands feel lots of pressure doing all the marketing-related jobs on their own. But Stargazer took that pressure away from me, and there’s no one here who can do this job better than him.

RAGER BLAZE debut self-titled full studio album was released on digital format worldwide and CD only in Iran, on 1st January 2014. The album fronts modern rock and metal music from Iran and Ehsan had no limits in writing his great music. A trailer of this album has been posted on the RAGER BLAZE YouTube channel and can be seen below: