Formed 2001
Country Iran
Genre Modern Rock&Metal

Ehsan Imani is an Iranian multi-talented Artist, Musician, Composer, Photographer, Web Designer and Multi-Instrument player. He graduated with a “Professional Singer-Songwriter” qualification with the Berklee Online University.

Ehsan started studying music and recording at 10 years of age. He then started learning Keyboard and Guitar professionally and began covering tracks by bands such as OVERKILL and MOTORHEAD. To improve his knowledge of music, Ehsan also studied Music Theory and Harmony.

The idea of the creation of RAGER BLAZE started in 2001, when Ehsan and his friend, Nima Lawless, had an idea about forming a band with this name. But RAGER BLAZE didn’t start officially until 2010, as Ehsan was busy with his music studies and research.

RAGER BLAZE is a modern Rock and Metal project, which knows no musical limits, as Ehsan wanted it to be. From amazing guitar solos, which are reminiscent of Joe Satriani’s masterpieces, to OVERKILL’s powerful riffs and from classical music to modern sounds can be heard in this project. Technical, fast and heavy, would be the correct way of describing Ehsan Imani’s RAGER BLAZE music.


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