We can offer you the following services, feel free to contact us if you think We can be useful for you!

Custom Artist Biography and Press Release Writing Services

  • Do you have any important news?
  • Do you want to spread the word about your upcoming album/EP/DVD,  merchandise or shows?
  • Did you build up a rock or metal festival and you want promote your show?
  • Do you want more fans for your band or festival? 
  • Would you like to see your name on Wikipedia?

After six years of working in the rock and metal music industry, that is where our expertise lies.


I have been a designer for more than 8 years; worked and designed for well-known names such METAL SHOCK FINLAND, METAL SHOCK TIMES, BLOODSTOCK RADIO and some bands for example the legendary ACCEPT!

Feel free to contact me for consultation or ordering your favourite poster, banner or even your magazine designs. Some sample of my work can be seen on Stargazer official Facebook page.

Licence Negotiation

“It’s much too complicated, we are not politicians.” Some artists made this statement when they went through the signing process with record companies. Do you think the same? No worries, Stargazer is here to help you by giving you consultation and guidance. Stargazer does not wish you to be alone!

Stargazer can help you to seek and find a suitable record label for your music and analyse the contracts which would be offered by them. Stargazer can also help you to find excellent and trustworthy music lawyers.

The Music Industry Guide

Stargazer is very well aware of how important your career is to you. So we are here to help, advise and assist you, especially for the younger bands who want to improve and make an honourable name for their band.

The industry could look confusing or complicated and you may make some difficult to rectify mistakes, such as choosing the wrong band name, wrong logo, artwork …etc. But Stargazer knows the business very well, although it cannot do magic it can help you to do it through your art!