Steve Brockmann

Steve Brockmann

 Steve Brockmann Started 1984
Country Germany
Genre Rock

Steve Brockmann is a German musician and composer, with a creative mind and soul.

His parents sent him to children’s musical education and he studied piano at the age of nine, for the next four years. The first time he started to play music was when he was 14 or 15 years old with two friends who played guitar and drums.

Between the years 1984 and 2000 Steve played concerts with several bands in Northern Germany, Berlin and Lower Saxony and he also had a small tour in Poland in the early 90’s. Steve started as a keyboard player and taught himself to play guitar from the age of 27. Since 2000 he has played gigs for special occasions or as a guest keyboard player for friends.

Steve Brockmann has released two solo studio albums and one Rock Opera, co-operating with George Andrade, by the name of “Airs – A Rock Opera”. The album is a masterpiece, which combines stunning music with impressive stories.


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