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UK Fan Interview With WOLF HOFFMANN

Interview By Clive Tomlinson

Metal giants ACCEPT have been back on the road since early January for “The Rise Of Chaos” European Tour – an extensive one with 28 shows in 14 countries! Ahead of the band’s UK date in London on 8th February, we asked UK fan Clive Tomlinson to write some questions for axeman Wolf Hoffmann, check out the interview below!

The band have been in one form or another for many years. What drives you to carry on/ what makes you guys still hungry?

WOLF: Good question! It was always ACCEPT, the restless workers – with different “players”. When we found our heart and soul of typical ACCEPT distinction as song writers and performers and followed out natural evolvement, we reached a point of security. It took a long break to make a blind man see and a deaf one hear in 2010 to convince myself of something – many never reach – we have “arrived” – it was indeed our destiny. And that – to have reached the place where you should be and seeing all your doubts and questions fade – that gives you strength and factor the time in – that gives you some kind of urgency I never had before.

With all the albums that you have released over the years what is your personal favourite?

WOLF: Anytime a different one…every new release has this “getting to know each other” period, like the fans have and only time is telling. But looking back, I have to say – it varies!

Would you ever consider doing an anniversary tour for a particular album or era with former band members?

WOLF: No – I don’t think so…but who knows! Right now – we have no time for that…we need to hurry to get everything out! We sure are on the run!

Your music is awesome even when you integrate classical pieces into your bridges or solos. What gives you the inspiration to join the two genres together?

WOLF: That started over 3 decades ago and it was a natural for me – never thought about it. It just happened and stayed with me. Where there is a me – there is Classical Music.

The flying V has always been an integral part of the Accept attack. Apart the early days when you also used to use a Stratocaster. Has the V always been your favourite?

WOLF: Always and now I have my own signature Guitar the FLYING FORTRESS – where FRAMUS gave me the chance to get EVERYTHING I ever dreamed off! It is love…yes!

The first time I saw you guys was supporting Judas Priest on the Point Of Entry tour in Newcastle. You guys rocked and I’ve been a fan ever since. Last time I saw you guys was on the Russian Roulette tour back in ’86.
What are the chances of a full UK tour as you have fans all over the UK?

WOLF: We are working on it and yes this will happen.

You’ve probably played with ever band under the sun. Are there any you haven’t played with, or would love to play with again?

WOLF: I am with ACCEPT since I was 16 years old and – except one time – I played as a surprise guest with Sebastian Bach exactly ONE song many years ago – it’s not my thing!

I’m not going to ask who you wouldn’t want to play with.

WOLF: Oh, you can – my answer is easy, since I never did that and can not imagine I ever will – I can not name anybody! But – I know where I will always be – it’s with ACCEPT!

Rock geek time – what does your gig rig consist of?

WOLF: KEMPER .. I AM HOOKED…I love Kemper!!! And the way we are touring and traveling this is IT!

Thanks Wolf!

WOLF: Thanx you for having me!!!! See you around!

ACCEPT are playing at the Koko in London on Thursday 8th February. For the rest of the tour dates and more information, visit the official ACCEPT website here.

ACCEPT: “The Rise Of Chaos” Out Now!


Following such a stunning and successful performance at Wacken Open Air 2017, “The Night To Remember”, heavy metal pioneers ACCEPT have unleashed “The Rise Of Chaos” today! The band’s 4th studio release through Nuclear Blast continues the tradition of its three predecessors – “Blood Of The Nations”, “Stalingrad”, and “Blind Rage – with grandeur and precision.

“The Rise Of Chaos” is available in the following formats:
BOX (DIGI, 2LP PIC, slipmat, poster, photo card)
2LP 180g (black) in gatefold

2LP 180g (red) in gatefold
2LP (orange+red splatter)
2LP 180g (NB anniversary green) in gatefold
2LP Gold vinyl (framed)
Silver Mirror Board BOX

Get your copy here:
Get the digital version here:

Blackdiamond’s Metal Mayhem 4th Anniversary Celebration

Blackdiamond’s Metal Mayhem show is celebrating its 4th birthday on!

On Tuesday 6th December from 6PM GMT, special guests Mike Sabatini from ATTACKER and Wolf Hoffmann from ACCEPT will be letting fans know all their news and choosing some favourite tracks to be played. Check out the show trailers below and tune in for a very metal anniversary show!