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OUT OF NOWHERE Launched New Video For New Single ‘Earworm’

Iranian metal duo OUT OF NOWHERE have recently launched a new video for their single ‘Earworm’, featuring Iranian composer and producer Ehsan Imani as guest guitarist. The song was recorded in their home studio and mixed and mastered by Ehsan.

Vocalist Amin Yahyazadeh stated: “We are glad to release this single after 2 years of silence since our first album. As our fans will recognise, our style is a little bit different. We used some djent elements and we are going to even go further, using some elements from jazz and modern music in our future work.

When I first heard their debut album, I was immediately amazed by the band’s creativity and talent. Amin is a great singer, he takes his career in music totally seriously, and is very confident and professional in recording sessions. Every recording engineer would love to work with him. Also his songwriting skills are continuously improving, and he always has some fresh and catchy songs up his sleeve, creating exciting times when we meet.” commented Ehsan Imani.

You can watch this video below:

Personnel for this single are:
Amin Yahyazadeh : Vocals
Daniel Momeni : Bass
Ehsan Imani : Guest guitar


Out of Nowhere

Ehsan Imani Reveals New Guitar; Demonstration Video Available

Iranian metal musician and songwriter Ehsan Imani, has been endorsed by Polish guitar manufacturers, Mayones Guitars, standing alongside some well known names such as Paweł Mąciwoda (SCORPIONS), Greg Mackintosh (PARADISE LOST), Anders Blakkheim Nyström (KATATONIA, BLOODBATH) and Misha Mansoor (PERIPHERY), who can be seen on the Mayones Guitars official website. You can see a photo of this guitar below and you can watch a demonstration of Ehsan playing his new monster on the YouTube player.

Simply incredible! Anything you want to play with this guitar it will blow your mind,” commented Ehsan on his new electric guitar. “Amazing sound all around! With high quality material and the great elegance with which this guitar’s been made, makes it an absolute unique kind of monster. Thanks to Mayones for providing me with this true work of art!

Mayones Guitars’ Michael Gabryelczyk stated: “We have co-operated with Ehsan Imani for some years now and his musicality and skills are really impressive, what you can see in his play through on our YouTube channel for example. We speak through emails quite often and he seems to be a very nice guy.
We did not have too much experience earlier with musicians from that part of the world, as there was not much information on the internet about the metal scene in Iran. Now we know Ehsan and another Iranian guitarist.As you may know they were the 2 finalists of our Guitar solo contest hosted, together with Seymour Duncan.”

Ehsan-Imani Mayones-Guitar


Iranian Rockers Pay Tribute To ALLEN – LANDE


Four Iranian rockers joined together to pay tribute to Russell Allen and Jorn Lande and their project ALLEN – LANDE by covering the track ‘Come Alive’ from “The Battle” album. Hadi Kiani (Vocals), Shahrooz Goodarzi (Vocals), Mohammad Nick (Bass) and Ehsan Imani (Guitars/Mixing & Mastering/Video Editing) played their role in this tribute. Watch their performance on the YouTube player below:


“The Battle” was the first studio album by the band project ALLEN – LANDE, a collaboration between two acclaimed heavy metal vocalists, Russell Allen (Symphony X) and Jørn Lande (Masterplan), which was released on 19 September 2005.

Ehsan Imani To Be Featured On BLACKDIAMOND’S METAL MAYHEM Special Show

Iranian multi-talented musician, composer and sound engineer, Ehsan Imani will be on the next Blackdiamond’s Metal Mayhem special show, to speak about RAGER BLAZE, his upcoming plans and much more. The show will stream online on one of best British rock radio stations, TotalRock and it will take place on 3rd February at 10 AM (GMT).

More information about this show can be found at the official Blackdiamond’s Metal Mayhem page.


RAGER BLAZE Inks A Deal With Stargazer Consultancy

01Stargazer Consultancy is excited to announce a management contract with Iranian multi-talented artist Ehsan Imani and his great project RAGER BLAZE. Ehsan is a musician, producer, composer, photographer and multi-instrument player, who graduated with a “Professional Singer-Songwriter” qualification from the Berklee Online University.

Mohsen Fayyazi, CEO of Stargazer Consultancy  has commented:

Ehsan Imani is the absolute pride of all Iranian rock and metal lovers. He knows music, recording, mixing, mastering and all their tricks very well. It’s my honour to serve him as a manager and I saw all lightness in the future of this talented man!

Ehsan Imani has stated the following:

I’m really glad about this contract. Today in this industry, its really hard to find someone who really knows what’s he doing, so bands feel lots of pressure doing all the marketing-related jobs on their own. But Stargazer took that pressure away from me, and there’s no one here who can do this job better than him.

RAGER BLAZE debut self-titled full studio album was released on digital format worldwide and CD only in Iran, on 1st January 2014. The album fronts modern rock and metal music from Iran and Ehsan had no limits in writing his great music. A trailer of this album has been posted on the RAGER BLAZE YouTube channel and can be seen below: